Let me introduce you my Blog

Have you ever thought that there is somehing more than working every day, hours and hours without taking properly time for yourself?!?

Here it is, my story…or at least the one of the lastest months.

I was working in one of the most dinamic multicultural society, in the hearth of innovation and technology, and initially proud to be in one of the most dreamt moving town_ LONDON.

(Especially if you think that I come from a small town in Italy, where I just found myself today surprised that in the nearby and ‘a bit bigger’ town I just found that the parking ticket machine required my  car’s number…Just to say how impressive and Amazing could seem to me to move and live in  London…)

Said that, I realized after a year that London is not my cup of tea to live in,  but I would suggest this experience to anyone to add it to their path.

In my blog I will mainly give you an idea of the pro and cons to move and live in London, suggesting you my fav walking paths (discovered during my long distance walking in  narrow and alternative roads through the City), adding my special spot for the best pics (and sometimes Selfies) and last but not least I will share with you my passion for travel.

If travelling is for you not just going in one resort, sunbathing, drinks and fly back but discover and enrich  your selfconscious through your Journeys, this is the Blog you have to follow 🙂

Enjoy the reading ;D.




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