Stockholm…Far North unmissable Treasure.

Why Stockholm?

Let’s talk about it.

While planning our remarkable Train Trip through Europe, my first choice was to choose among the major European Northen Capitals.

Stockholm was unexpectly a Norther jewel of hidden corners and treasures: if you are in for Northern Celtic Stories of ancient Galeons, if you can’t wait to see a reinder just besides you  and you have a passion for Ikea Style…You can’t miss to visit Stockholm!


A Golden mosaic Hall

You won’t know where to look at!!!

Imagine a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate and it’s famous gold skin…entering in the Golden Saal of the Stockholm Parliament  it will seem to you to be surrounded by those…Sparkling everywhere, the mosaic shows mythological figures


 The Vasa Museum

Have you ever dreamt about pirates’ stories, ancient vessels, waves…maybe after too much watching of the Pirates of the Caribbeans Saga?!?… Sure the coordinates are quite different, we are here far far North than the Caribbeans …but when getting an idea of which attractions to put on my TO SEE List, The Vasa Museum was the one at the very top of it.

We arrived there quite late, but we had time enough to visit the Museum, that was surprisingly with free entrance.

You will be definetely speechless in front of this HUGE MASSIVE Vessel, and even more when you will discover its story. Just a quick hint, trying not to spoil all the magic …is that this Vessel wrecked just after having left the Harbour, and it was left lying for hundreds years exactly in Stockholm bay itself…( it hadn’t gone too far after all, eh?! )…What makes it so impressive to me is that from the outside of the building you can not even imagine what expects you inside, feble lights to recreate candle lights scenary, and a massive Vessel that has nothing to do with pirates but it is kept in its original conditions. Walking aside of it you can feel how extraordinary could have been for people of the 16th Century take part to the celebrations for it and, few moments later, see it sinking in front of their eyes.





Where I stayed.

My Philosophy about Journey Accomodation has Always been: Why spend hundreds of Pounds/Euros/whatever to sleep in a luxury hotel when I can save and spend them to add activities, places to see, add destinations and why not enjoy some drinks and shopping too?!?

Said that, I always did thousands of researches as everyone does, to look, compare and finally decide for the right and possibly cheapest solution. This time being Stockholm the first destination of my Europe Trip, the budget was not at all high and I had always heard about how this town is extremely organised as expensive.

No folks. Never ever judge something from what you have heard, just cause everyone says it. I was quite skeptical about hostels, but with my TravellingGroup we discovered a cozy, clean hostel right in the hearth of Stockholm.


Everything was perfect there, the staff is extremely organized that they send you all the codes to unlock the entrance doors in advance, if you arrive late in the evening (as we did -_-) they have been greatly helpful, leaving nice envelopes with all the information and the room’s code too. That was sooo fun.

To be our first stay in a Hostel I have to say that it has been impressive! We couldn’t ask for more! The kitchen is also really spacious and it’s quite fun to socialize there in the morning just to have a chat with other travellers.

I would suggest the Crafoord Place Hostel not only for Young people, solo Travellers or Groups, but to families that want to save on accomadation too, because is very safe, clean and, from there, you can practically walk all around with an easy reach to the main attractions.










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