Everything about KUALA LUMPUR!!!

I know, I know it’s such a long time I don’t write in english..and I promised myself to transalate all the great stuff about Sleeping in a Lighthouse, you could see just clicking the link πŸ™‚

Anyway here I am, to talk about a city that has been an unexpected surprise and could be stated as one of my favourite. (Even if I’m usually a person that falls in love with places and I would like to move straightaway everywhere)…so, we were saying, this amazingly surprisingly city is Kuala Lumpur.

Sure, that all of you already heard about it at some point…so I have to say how I came across the idea to visit it. As a traveladdicted I couldn’t be more than enthusiastic at a tv programme* that since few years shows a kind of travel contest with people backpacking around, trying to find car/moto/tuktuk or whatsoever passage to get to the next scheduled stop of their journey …Of course I wanted to do the same as a trip, visiting Kuala Lumpur not only for its main building but for something more hidden πŸ™‚

So I loved it so much that I have been there twice in 2 years.

Where we stayed.

It’s overrated saying that Kuala Lumpur it’s getting economically bigger and bigger every year, so it could be from the other side of the world, at least in my case from Italy…but it’s amazingly supermodern with a bunch of skyscrapers, perfect gardens that could make Hyde Park envy and of course huuuge shopping centers. This what could sound extremely great for those who are looking always for the best top vip places. (futher on the bars and clubs you have definitely to discover) By chance after scrolling many possible options on Booking.com, we found one that could have been the perfect location at a cheap price :P…Of course, it overpast my expectections that the year after I couldn’t chose a different place to stay in, Andre had to see it. – We were infact supposed to stay just 4 days and we extended the stay there during our crazy 45 days around South East Asia…we were quite lastminute travellers, to note that we didn’t plan half of the journey to feel the flow and decide on the way)

The place we stayed in is: Setia Sky Apartments

That’s so great!!! The Setia Sky KL Suites are made of four Skyscrapers connected in someway, made of apartments. You have everything in there, huge space, big bedrooms, kitchen, laundry in the apartment, jim, swimming pool and relax room at the top floor but absolutely the best thing is the view. You finally arrive, opens the courtains and you see in front of you the Petronas Towers, if you arrive in the evening be sure that you will pass the very first five minutes staring out of the window πŸ˜›

The place is so huge that I have to say, the first time I went there with friends staying just few night on a 2 weeks scheduled trip, we hadn’t time to go around of the building a lot… so that the second time with Andre we definitely found the Swimming pool we just had seen on pictures and stayed one evening enjoying the view from there.

What make me the most enthusiast about Kuala Lumpur are its contrasts…

Walking around from the Setia Sky Apartment, still being extremely thrilled to be there you will not even notice that you cross the street, that you will find streetfood typical stends and small local streets with typical old malay houses, they are so colorful and picturesque. Hereafter you will see my favourite, one small tiny house that seems to say ‘hey I will continue to stay here and be my unperfect wood old little mansion without being disturbed by all the new high buildings allround’

How to move in town

There are a lot of options, from bus to undergound from bikes allaround, but in both visits we decide to practically walk everywhere or get taxis. They are quite cheap and you need them od course to reach my favourite Kuala Lumpur destination hereafter.

Which is my very favourite place

Imagine a huuuge mountain, that has a cave naturally made in itself and humans build a staircase that goes up and up that from the ground you can’t see the top and to make it even more majestic they build an amazingly high golden statue of a hinduist goddess…here there are the faboulous Batu Caves.

Be ready to be surrounded by monkeys a bit everywhere that they became smarter and smarter and try to steal your waterbottles or anything that could contain food. But they are soo cute, and for us surely has been a great fun to be so near to this crazy monkeys.

After the classic pictures in front of the staircase, cause definitely even if you aren’t a fan of selfies and pictures you CAN’T not be tempted to take few shots…you will realize how mystic this place is.

I was since the beginning jumping around thrilled by the place but everyone who knows me knows I like these athmosphere.

Anyway start to hike the stairs and you will be impressed by how naturally wonderful is the cave in the mountain, that small hinduist temples has been romantically build in it.

Just few reminders:

Firstly, that in the main cave, if you do like to visit the temples, shoes off and respect for the location.

Secondly but extremely useful advise is: surely, as I did, you will be impressed by the amazingly brights coloured flowers and flowers necklace that you could find in the stands just in front the Batu Caves…if you think to buy them and climb up the stairs, don’t ahahh…everyone local infact was weirdly looking at me and a friend climbing up happily with our flower necklace, and we discovered which was the problem…the monkey went directly to the flowers cause we realized it’s their food and I find myself throwing my necklace in time before the monkey could reach me πŸ˜›

The place is totally free, at least the main cave; there is an other cave called Dark Cave where with a guided tour you could visit it, and in the very darkest athmosphere you could feel the thousands of bats allround, stalactits and stalagmits, and arrive at the inner point where a small ray of sun pass through the stones recreating like a scene of the Harry Potter cave looking for the Horcrux with Dumbledore. I have to say that I the first time I was not so sure to visit it, there are a lot of pictures of spiders, snakes, insects that could be found in it, and surely you realize you are in Malysia so that they are quite bigger than in Italy, but anyway Andre convinced me ahahha and the adventure started…hereafter a picture that proves it πŸ˜›

What we did…Looking for a project…the project came forward us.

-The Petronas’ Towers-

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